Welcome to the Kids Cookie Shop!

Kids Cookie Shop is a fun family card game themed with your favorite cookies and friends from the Kids Cookie Break Show. Players compete against each other by collecting cookies to fill customer orders. The first player to fill enough orders wins. It seems simple enough... but add some tricky action cards and the craziness begins! Kids Cookie Shop is designed to be customized, players can pick through customers of various difficulties to make game play easier for younger players or a bit harder for players that need a challenge. And with lots of options, the game can be different every time you play! Want a quick peek at what the game box looks like? Check out the pictures below. You can click on them for more detail.


The Kids Cookie Shop Game will make its debut at the Kids Cookie Break Festival on August 27th, 2022! We are excited to show you what we have been working on. Pick up free tickets to the festival by clicking on the picture below and then pick up a game for your family at the Merch Tent.

Visual learner?? Below you will find a fun 1 minute introduction to the Kids Cookie Shop Game. Get ready to compete to be the new manager of the shop by filling orders for some of your favorite customers.

Feeling a bit nerdy and want to read the rules or did you lose the copy that came with your game? Here they are: Rules PDF. OR if you are feeling lazy you can just watch our How to Play video instead. Learn the game in less than 5 minutes.

Please join us on insta! Send us messages and comments about the game. Look for some posts on different rules you can customize your game with. If you like us tag us in a picture of your game play! We are excited to see our growing family of Cookie Shop Managers! And whatever you do, don't click the moose!

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